About Us

about-left-oneThe litters we offer are registered in both AKC and UKC. This allows you to compete in shows sponsored by either registry. AKC does not allow the showing in conformation classes of poodles that are multi-colored. But the UKC accepts all colors in conformation classes. AKC requires that poodles shown in conformation must be in the continental clip, but UKC allows other more practical clips. Accepting these clips allows the dogs to lead a more active life. This is how more than 90% of poodles are kept, and it reduces the grooming burden on owners to something about the same as for many other breeds. Whenever possible, I show my females to a UKC Championship before their breeding life begins. When a dog has received a championship, you can count on them to have excellent conformation and temperament.

I socialize all of my pups from the very start so that they are ready to bond with you and trust you completely. For every bit of love that you give them, they return it tenfold.

about-left-twoAs an acupuncturist, I work one-on-one with patients, and my dogs welcome each and every one of them to my office. Because of my medical training and broad knowledge of dogs, I am able to keep my dogs very healthy. Through close observation every day, I am able to nip any problems in the bud before they become anything big. Two of my dogs are certified Therapy Dogs and they visit at the local hospital, as well as participate in a Reading Program at the local library and at a Middle School. Flash has also received two titles in Agility Competition. He also has his Canine Good Citizen award.