Wonderful news. After my surgery I took the summer and fall to recover. Recently, we bred Jolene to Copper.Check their bios on the sires and dams pages. We expect a litter of moyens around March 25. There will be phantoms and tricolors. in this litter. If you are interested in a puppy from this litter please contact me at 303-908-3749. I am now accepting deposits on this litter. It is possible that this will be our final litter at Pikes Peak Poodles. So if you have been waiting, wait no more.

Here are some pictures of some previous litters.



Here are two phantom boys. One is brown and red and the other is black and brown.

This is the brown and red phantom boy. His name is Donner. This boy really should go to a home where he can do some kind of competition. He is very bold and energetic. Also, very smart.

Here is Donner at 9 weeks. As a special bonus he has gold eyes. He is one of the brightest pups I’ve ever raised.

This is Blitzen. He is a black and red sable phantom. This boy is very mellow. He just wants a home where he can sit on someone’s lap and soak up love.

Here is Blitzen at nine weeks. He has developed into a real sweety. He loves to get attention from people. I think he prefers people to the other pups.


This boy is a golden color like a yellow lab. He will be really handsome. He is going home with the Whetstine family.

This is the same pup at 3 1/2 weeks of age. He is named Rowdy. He is maintaining his beautiful golden color. Rowdy is a sweet and loving boy.






Here is our dark brown and red phantom boy.

This boy has changed a lot. It turns out that he is a very dark red sable phantom boy. His color is gorgeous. He is also quite a cuddler. His name is Ben Cartright. So as you have figured out this is the BONANZA litter.

Here is Ben at 9 weeks. He is a very dark red sable boy.  This boy just loves to be held. He is one of the smaller pups remaining available.


And finally here is a dark brown sable tricolor boy. What a beauty he is.

This is a tricolor boy. He is a red sable phantom parti. He is the whole genetic package for a multicolor poodle breeder. His name is Hoss. He is the largest pup in the litter. This boy should really go to  someone who loves to have a dog with unusual color

This is Hoss at 9 weeks. He is available, but will not be able to go home until mid March due to the fact that he will have a minor surgery. He is the first to come to me when i call the pups. He may have potential to become a therapy dog.

Coco and Copper

Coco is a deep brown and white tuxedo parti girl with gold eyes. She weighs about 40 lbs. She and Copper can produce both brown and black puppies. About half of the pups will be partis and about one quarter of the pups could be tricolors. There will also be phantoms and possibly some solid black or solid brown pups. We can’t wait to see what she will produce. Copper is a smaller sire. He is a black and red phantom.




Della and Copper.

Della is a lovely red sable girl who carries both phantom and parti. This is her first litter. She weighs about 37 lbs. Copper is described above. This is a long awaited match and should produce a rainbow of colors in the moyen size.








All puppies from the summer litters have now found their furever homes.I am pleased to announce that we found a deserving Viet Nam veteran with PTSD to donate a puppy to. He is so happy and grateful for this gift.




These pups are AKC registered and both Reba and Fozzie are thoroughly tested and clear of genetic problems.We expect these puppies to have wonderful temperaments and to have great athletic abilities. They will receive Early Neural Stimulation. They should make remarkable pets.


Here is a group picture of the pups in their outdoor pen where they are learning to go potty on the grass. They love being outdoors.







This red and black phantom girl is Cosette. She is a real loving pup and loves to be held a lot. Beautiful markings. She is staying with Pikes Peak Poodles to carry on this line.
















Coco is a dark brown and white tuxedo parti girl with gold eyes. This is her second litter.

Reba is mother to Coco and she is a red and white parti girl with gold eyes. This is her second litter.


This is Fozzie,



clear by parentage for DM, NEWs and VWD1.

This is Jolene at 7 months.


These pups are well bred and will be AKC reg. All health testing has been done on both parents. They will be raised inside my home and I handle them every day. They receive neural stimulation from day 6 to 16 which strengthens their immune systems and

helps them to deal with stress as adults.

Here is Jolene winning her UKC Championship in November of 2018.



The following pictures are from previous litters. All have been adopted and are doing well in their new homes, but I have kept their pictures to show the possible colors in upcoming litters.

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